New Website-in-Process launched in time for 4th of July!

New Website-in-Process launched in time for 4th of July!
Peter DuMont - Thu Jul 05, 2012 @ 11:34PM
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Greetings All!

Our new website was launched in time for 2012's 4th of July national holiday in the United States, helping extend the spirit of responsible liberty to our whole world!  

Thanks to all who have made our new website possible, with special mention to computer setup volunteer Michael Mack, and more recently: Joy and Bonnie — who've been giving vital support at the historic STAR ALLIANCE "Kitchen Cabinet;" Scott D'Antuono and our other friends at — for their social-entreprenuer nonprofit support; business sponsor DoodleKit — which (through is providing starter web tools free of charge; and our local MacIntosh computer store, M.A.C. of Berkeley — Wai, Matt, Juan, Thea, and Forest — for really excellent customer support!

Thanks to all readers and supporters for your continuing patience while we get our latest peace documents properly displayed and attend to other issues including administrative catch-up, good organizational quality, and speed!  

Remember — individual contributions can make an important difference to our whole world at a critical time!  

Gratefully yours in service to all, Peter Bruce DuMont



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1. Robena B. Sharrow   |   Tue Nov 07, 2017 @ 08:10AM

I am so excited to see your new site and want to see amazing information that you try to convey to the people. You are going into the right direction and you have to work according to the desire of the people but this website provides nice info. Overall, best of luck for your future deed.

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