The Importance of National Monuments and Natural Preserves

The Importance of National Monuments and Natural Preserves
Peter DuMont - Tue Jul 11, 2017 @ 02:05AM
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Editor's Note: The following is a heartfelt, and one hopes also well-reasoned comment first posted to the United States Government in care of the National Parks Conservancy Association website on 2017 July 10. — PBD

When I was 16 years old and just learning to family took a memorable road trip across the United States, from Piedmont, California, to Boston, to visit my cheerful aging grandfather. On the same trip we visited some of the great national monuments in Washington, D.C. and experienced the excitement and speed of New York City.
Surprisingly, the most vivid and lasting memory of all was stopping at Craters of the Moon National Monument, for just an hour or two on the way back home.
The family all went down a long vertical ladder into the awesome OWL Volcanic Tube and explored both ends. By the time we emerged, the sun was setting in the west over the nearby mountains. Etched on my soul, brain, and body from that moment is the deep, literal meaning of "purple mountains' majesty." A painting by that name [created by the international author-artist Mamade Kadreebux] now hangs in my bedroom and greets me, morning and night.
How can one put a price on such an experience? 
 And how could one dare upset this rich national heritage of our great nation — whether for Craters of the Moon or any other national monument?
The unique wildness of the terrain at each core site depends on an adequate buffer in the surrounding territory, within the protected region. I beg the current Administration to respect the wisdom of this tradition. It transcends individual and commercial interests in favor of the universal and the timeless.
Specific to Craters of the Moon: during the exciting successful Apollo Moon Shots of the late 1960's, and periodically throughout my life, I have had occasion to reflect on and appreciate the NASA astronaut training activities that occurred there; and to enjoy even the unseen presence of our other National Monuments and other protected lands which together form a vastly enhanced level of Being in our great nation.
Of course there are also economic advantages of these wild lands accruing to the domestic recreation and international tourism industries that depend on them. This practical advantage to the entire national community must not be endangered in preference to more limited interests.
An attack on one of America's national monuments is an attack on the higher interests of all. Therefore, I am opposed to any attempts to rescind or alter the size of any one of our country's national monuments.
"Act not for the fruits of action." 
 Just do the right thing, and the fruits will follow.
To quote the venerable poet and playwright James Shirley:
"Only the actions of the just smell sweet, and blossom in the dust."
In advance: Thank you for paying attention!

Peter DuMont; Principle Founder, Writer, and Public Educator; 
STAR ALLIANCE™: Good Will Education Foundation for All™
[Also adapted for the Bears Ears National Monument (and all monuments); the latter submitted at 11:42 pm Pacific Time July 10th.] PBD
Comments: 1


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