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A Constellation of



Good Will Wisdom Values & Principles for All 

...Protecting Our Shared Social &

Physical Environments 

 Good closeup shot of Marion Hills' sewing displayed at #416, 2010, team design logo from 1987 with graphic artist Phil Hill.  

The STAR ALLIANCE™ • GOOD WILL EDUCATION FOUNDATION FOR ALL™ has drafted documents designed to facilitate and promote Universal Education for Civic Peace Values These inspiring, nonpartisan, nonsectarian documents and materials are offered to individual citizens, families, friends, groups, and communities; coalitions, educational institutions, businesses, and governments everywhere.  They serve simultaneously as instruments of study, reflection, discussion, and commitment to successful, harmonizing advancement for all: the greatest common good. They describe a baseline set of principles — Our Highest Civic Ideals — supportive to responsible    individual freedoms and genuine, healthy, sustainable peace and love at every level of relationship and society.  

The STAR ALLIANCE organization was active during the critical turning point years from 1985 to 1990 which saw the end of the Cold War.  At that time we were assisted by several hundred San Francisco Bay Area community members and one remarkable, historical angel-donor: the late, great Ms. Jane Newhall of San Francisco. Since then we have invested enormous time and care developing our integrated philosophy and materials.

By identifying and expressing  — with best efforts at both beauty and intellectual integrity — baseline civic values for good behavior, acceptable across cultural lines, and tax-supportable, too; STAR ALLIANCE helps build a safer, more harmonious world that will work for everyone who honestly seeks to harmonize. 

The prime stars of STAR ALLIANCE are axiomatic (that is: basic or self-proving) StarPoint™ principles — shining points of value that virtually everyone can share, IF they have opportunity to learn and practice them through enlightened public education, public policy, and a supportive social environment.  Everyone who — from their side — tries their best to learn and practice them can be considered a STAR ALLIANCE Citizen-Star.™ 

Individual, community, national, and international support to endorse and promote STAR ALLIANCE values is a joyful and important responsibility — particularly at this time in world history when many urgent factors are converging.  It's a serious priority for efficiency in social improvement, because values influence all behavior.

No One's a Winner in a Nuclear Winter! And: Everyone can benefit from better relationships — and better societies!

* * *

Among the most important StarPoint ideals of





• HEALTH • & HEALTHY TRUST & CAUTION — including appreciation for the SCIENTIFIC APPROACH


Rounding out the picture are • GOOD HUMOR • BALANCE and • PROPER PROPORTION (And, since nobody’s perfect!): FIVE BIG "MAKE-UP VALUES" for peace:


* * *

Taken together, with all their correlates (Please also see our Nesting Set of Civic Peace Documents.) — applied together in proper balance and proportion —   The STAR ALLIANCE value set can lead to many vital   


SUSTAINABLE FREEDOM (rooted in Responsibility)



SUSTAINABLE PROSPERITY (rooted in Productivity)


* * *

All together, STAR ALLIANCE Peace Principles can act as excellent guides to greater harmony on many different paths of life and in the ongoing quest for   peace and happiness for all.

STAR ALLIANCE declares these peace principles in service to all people, and offers them for endorsement and practice by all — for all.

Each human being who tries his/her best to apply to practical life — with wisdom, in proper balance and proportion — all the declared good will-peace principles, can surely be considered a "Star for Peace," too.  

Our Overall Goals and Strategy

"STAR ALLIANCE CAMPAIGN 20/20 • FRIENDSHIP EARTH" aims to help people view the world with more accurate "20/20" Vision, and at the same time to raise their individual and collective aspirations to a higher level.   We hope to share these positive, civic, ethical ideals with 20% of Earth's population by 2020!  

The STAR ALLIANCE “FLOAT PEACE™” PROJECT additionally seeks to organize resources supporting peace education and inspiration activities, ongoing and planet-wide.

To accomplish these ambitious goals, STAR ALLIANCE aspires to cooperate with existing institutions including governments (particularly their educational “wings”), businesses, schools, colleges, universities, civic groups and nonprofit / NGO organizations.  Although it is not a religious organization, STAR ALLIANCE welcomes cooperation from religious-affiliated groups and institutions — the better to share our work and help all people understand and commit to the proposed civic "Highest Common Ideals."  

We believe our integrative approach to positive peace education and social change can help people generally cooperate more efficiently, more intelligently, and more effectively worldwide.

We feel that STAR ALLIANCE values will help guide free people in virtually any situation to be more responsible and harmonize better with one another. Attitudes and actions will become more sustainable.  Even a significant shift in this direction can be expected vastly to reduce overall violence, negativity, and waste in our communities; to increase personal and collective safety and qualities of life, and create better social and physical environments for all. 

At STAR ALLIANCE, we see everyone as integral to preserving and cherishing global society and our common home, “silently floating in the starry sky.”

The Human Hand as Peace Exemplar

The twenty-to-forty “Stars" of STAR ALLIANCE summarized above (and elaborated in the Declaration   of Highest Common Ideals — Primary Peace Principles edition) can be considered “foundational” — analogous and roughly corresponding to the thirty bones of the human hand that act as a foundation for all its functions. ("Thirty," by the way, includes the “sesamoids,” or small “floater” bones in the hand.) 

STAR ALLIANCE uses this analogy to illustrate a social structure of basic values for successful integration of unity and diversity in society. 

Within itself, the hand is a "Miniature Peace Society." What an inspiration!  Its spreading, mobile fingers graphically represent individuality, diversity, and freedom.  Yet those “free” fingers can only go so far.   To be sustainable, they must remain firmly rooted in good will, unity and responsibility for their teammates in a nourishing, supportive whole.

The hand is a tangible, visible example of peace that is personally relevant to everyone.  No one can deny its practicality (at least not "with a straight face!") And no finger would hurt its teammates — it would only be hurting itself. Each and all members gain from the well being of the others.  

Society is really quite the same.  Freedoms must remain intelligently  limited to ensure the well-being of others and the whole.  Society is just on a much, MUCH     bigger scale.  

This, in essence, is "Why You Matter!"™ Individual behavior actually can (and at some level does)   influence everyone.

* * *

Our "All Peoples Nesting Set" of STAR ALLIANCE Peace Documents covers a whole "galaxy" of "star" principles. It is designed to help the human race pull together before it's too late to avoid unnecessary suffering on a massive scale.

What's encouraging is that these identified principles can be appreciated by many different individuals and groups, even on opposite sides of highly controversial issues.

Good Will-Peace Principles, in their purity, remain "above the fray" of competing, divisive interests. Clearly identifying and heeding them first will help people generate more peaceful outcomes from virtually any situation — and more healthy, fulfilling, ongoing relationships for all.

Just as the word “Star” reminds us of “points of value," "Alliance" implies the strong, complementary relationship of all these "First Principles for Peace.”  It implies the teamwork that human beings and institutions must engage to enjoy a better life.  Let's face it: over a lifetime, sooner or later; even over generations, we all end up needing one another's help.

Invest in World Peace!

In the final analysis, it really is in everyone's "highest and best interests" to apply and to promote natural principles for peace. We hope you will want to join CAMPAIGN 20/20 • FRIENDSHIP EARTH — and help FLOAT PEACE! 

Reflect on and share STAR ALLIANCE principles with your network of family, friends, and colleagues. Return to them often. Print, sign, and feel free to post one or more of the public documents in a prominent place. 

And if you can, please make a concrete investment of volunteer time or funds!  

Please consider sharing the STAR ALLIANCE documents with people you don't necessarily agree   with, too! You don't have to feel good about something conflictual in order to hold good will towards others involved — even when they appear to be causing the discomfort.  

When conflict is approached from both sides with intent to resolve and transform it rather than just hurt the   other — when both sides will try their best to "will for good outcomes," and follow to the best of their ability   all the "star" ethical principles in spite of the conflict, then resolving it can be a substantial engine   for positive growth all around!

Remember, one side has to be first to "step up to the plate" with good will and integrity for a positive solution.

By the way, if you feel the proposed "STAR ALLIANCE" public Declarations and Pledges for Peace need to be improved, then please do make specific suggestions...

You can make a difference for the whole world!

At this pivotal "turning point" in human history, the process of "getting it right" and promoting universal common values for peace is not just a luxury or philosophical game.  It's a matter of our collective security and survival.  

It is also a deeply practical way to optimize individual and community qualities of life.

All the STAR ALLIANCE values are required for lasting peace — and all the people.  That's why our cheer — which we invite you to make their good cheer, too, is:



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