Star Alliance™ • Good Will Education Foundation for All™ - Latest Images en-us A Warning • A Hope <img alt="Atomic_bomb_memorial_hall_plaza___nagasaki__japan___star_alliance_media___photo_by_peter_dumont_2014-9-28__img_4402" src="" /><br/><br/>Words alone cannot convey the feeling and meaning transmitted by this sculpture at Atomic Bomb Memorial Hall Plaza • Nagasaki, Japan. STAR ALLIANCE MEDIA&trade; photo by Peter Bruce&nbsp;DuMont • 2014-9-28 • IMG_4402. For their and our collective future, please support STAR ALLIANCE &mdash; gearing up for Campaign Good Will Vision at&nbsp;<a href=""></a>. Sun, 05 Oct 2014 02:17:55 -0500 / STAR ALLIANCE FRIENDSHIP FLAG™ at WORLD PEACE GATE, SEOUL <img alt="_the_arc_of_rainbow_stars__star_alliance_friendship_flag__at_world_peace_gate__1988__olympic_park__seoul__korea____event_2014-9-18_was_organized_by_w.a.r.p.__img_2921" src="" /><br/><br/>The Arc of Rainbow Stars&trade; STAR ALLIANCE FRIENDSHIP FLAG&trade; enjoyed&nbsp;at WORLD PEACE GATE (1988) Olympic Park, Seoul, Korea • (Larger event on&nbsp;2014-9-18 was&nbsp;organized by W.A.R.P &mdash; World Alliance of Religions for Peace. &nbsp;Please note: STAR ALLIANCE is not a religion. &nbsp;We promote Good Will Ideals and Civic Principles for Peace&trade;.) Sun, 05 Oct 2014 02:10:34 -0500 / Approaching Ideals <img alt="A_hillside_of_flowers___olympic_park__seoul__korea___star_alliance_media__photo_by_peter_bruce_dumont___img_2887" src="" /><br/><br/>On my way to World Peace Gate at Olympic Park,&nbsp;Seoul, Korea. &nbsp;2014 September 18th. STAR ALLIANCE MEDIA&trade;&nbsp;Photo by&nbsp;Peter Bruce DuMont. Sun, 05 Oct 2014 01:56:17 -0500 / Captain Jerry Tsai & other early Directors & Supporters, 1987 <img alt="Photos___captain_jerry_tsai_with_other_members_of_the_star_alliance____foundation_for_all__1987___img_2313" src="" /><br/><br/>Visible from&nbsp;left to right are: Public Affairs specialist&nbsp;<strong>Connie Madden,</strong> Historical Director&nbsp;<strong>Warren Kleinmeyer, MD;</strong> Founding/Continuing&nbsp;Director&nbsp;<strong>Captain Jerry Tsai </strong>(Born in China, raised in Taiwan, lives in the USA); two office support staffers, Founding Director &&nbsp;President-in-Service,&nbsp;<strong>Peter DuMont.&nbsp;</strong> Sat, 04 Oct 2014 22:42:52 -0500 / "Takashi's Dream" <img alt="_takashi_s_dream____tapestry_with_the_artist__hon._takashi_tanemori_____2014_august_6th___star_alliance_media___photo_by_peter_dumont___img_1963" src="" /><br/><br/>The Honorable Takashi Tanemori &mdash; Founder,&nbsp; Kaiko Heiwa Institute;&nbsp;Hiroshima Survivor, artist and author: <em>Hiroshima &mdash; </em><em>Bridge to Forgiveness &mdash;</em>&nbsp;with a tapestry from his historic&nbsp;body of&nbsp;art work. &nbsp;This signature piece depicts features of the dream he&nbsp;had at age eight, while lying asleep with his family in a bomb shelter the night before August 6th, 1945. A white butterfly appeared, along with a great white&nbsp;crane, traditional Japanese symbol of peace. &nbsp;The crane&nbsp;told him he would travel to a faraway land.<br> Thu, 07 Aug 2014 19:12:33 -0500 / Ring of All Nations™ • Float Peace™ Theater Concept • <img alt="Ring_of_all_nation_aquatheater_original_color_graphic_rendering_with_boat_from_william_fisher_2011-2-1__2011-2-1_star_alliance__safa_" src="" /><br/><br/>Architect's Rendering by William Fisher of Santa Cruz •&nbsp; &copy; 2009 •&nbsp;STAR ALLIANCE&trade; • FOUNDATION FOR ALL&trade; • (Please see concept papers at "Ring" page on this site.)<br> Wed, 06 Feb 2013 02:07:41 -0600 / FLAG CLOSEUP <img alt="Dsc06036" src="" /><br/><br/><p> A closeup shot of the latest STAR ALLIANCE FRIENDSHIP FLAG, sewn by Marion Hills. &nbsp;The STAR ALLIANCE peace logo was created in 1987 as a team effort led by &quot;star&quot; graphic artist Phil Hill. &nbsp;Thank you, Phil!! &nbsp;</p> <p> [Check back later to see photos of our historic Mt. Everest peace flag sewn by Barbara Addleman of Piedmont and taken twice to the summit in 1999 by the late, great Babu Chiri Sherpa of Nepal. &nbsp;Babu also carried another flag sewn by Cecilia Franklin of Oakland&nbsp;to the summit of Everest in the early 2000&#39;s.] &nbsp;</p> Mon, 02 Apr 2012 17:10:18 -0500 / Berkeley Peace Wall with STAR ALLIANCE tiles <img alt="Dsc06388" src="" /><br/><br/><p> A segment of the historic BERKELEY PEACE WALL showing a four-tile array (at the left 1/3)&nbsp;for STAR ALLIANCE saying: &quot;We the People will Create a STAR ALLIANCE MEDIA NETWORK!&quot; &nbsp;The Berkeley Peace Wall was installed by artist-activist Carolyn Marks, founder of the worldwide peace walls movement. &nbsp;Thank you, Carolyn!</p> Mon, 02 Apr 2012 17:06:05 -0500 / STAR ALLIANCE FLAG with Founder Peter DuMont & Gary Graves, PhD <img alt="Dsc06407" src="" /><br/><br/><p> Peter DuMont in coat and tie, showing the STAR ALLIANCE FOUNDATION FOR ALL Friendship Flag&trade; with yoeman help from Dr. Gary Graves, &quot;Star&quot; Class Instructor in Playwriting&nbsp;at Berkeley Repertory Theatre Workshops, c. 2010.&nbsp;</p> Mon, 02 Apr 2012 16:58:48 -0500 /