Letter of Appreciation to "This American Life" with Ira Glass

Letter of Appreciation to "This American Life" with Ira Glass
Peter DuMont - Sun Feb 10, 2013 @ 12:44AM
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Dear This American Life,

I've been a fan of your show for ages, it seems, since those first exciting weeks when you burst on the scene at NPR over our local station, KQED-San Francisco.  It was so novel what you did first, I believe: alternating fascinating story snippets on a theme with musical interludes and punctuation.  Thanks for your great pioneering work!
The Kids' Logic show was a delightful theme.  I particularly enjoyed the story of the little girl who had observed planes taking off before and asked a handy adult, from within her own first plane just after takeoff, "When do we get smaller?"
It was deeply moving to hear the sensitive father's story about explaining Christmas and Jesus to his four-year old girl, and shortly thereafter about Martin Luther King's message of equality.  To which she responded, "Did they kill him too?"
My motivation to write tonight began, however, with a desire to share a story shared with me many years ago by my next-oldest sister, a grade-school teacher in Los Angeles.  
Apparently, one of her students had announced to her one day that he had finally figured out why little boys don't shave until they get to be teenagers.
"It takes that long for their hair to grow all the way down through from the top of their head to come out their chin!"
Thanks again for a great show. 
Yours in service,
Peter DuMont 
Comments: 14


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