Advisory #2 on Syria Crisis to President Obama: Good Job on Referral to Congress!

Advisory #2 on Syria Crisis to President Obama: Good Job on Referral to Congress!
Peter DuMont - Mon Sep 09, 2013 @ 08:55PM
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Submitted as dated c/o, Presidential Correspondence Page.  PBD

2013 September 1st

To the Honorable Barack Obama

President of the United States and

Commander-in-Chief, Armed Forces of the United States

Dear Mr. President:

Thank you very much for a brilliant, wise, and most courageous move of restraint: to refer (historically overstretched) Presidential War Powers back to Congress — where any "normal" (i.e.: less than life-or-death urgency for Americans) decision for the country to declare war properly belongs!!  You are setting a great example for other democracies and indeed, the entire world in this regard.

Any short-term flak that you get will have little consequence compared to the enormous relief you have provided Americans and the world in stepping back from the brink of hasty violent escalation.  Ultimately, that would have increased the potential for nuclear confrontation — whether now or in the future.

How wonderful, too, that your speech was broadcast live in Syria (as we understand from NPR News)!

We predict that future generations will judge your decision as one of the great, shining moments of American democratic leadership and restraint in the history of the development of stable world peace.

Sincerely and faithfully yours,

Peter Bruce DuMont

Founding President-in-Service



Comments: 2


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