Post to KQED-FM today re the Syria Crisis

Post to KQED-FM today re the Syria Crisis
Peter DuMont - Mon Sep 09, 2013 @ 08:59PM
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[Show Host] Michael Krasny asked: [in the face of the U.N. veto.]:

"What else can the U.S. do?"

What the U.S. can do is organize a bold, nonviolent course of action: A marathon global electronic town meeting series — at least one or two hours daily, using television and radio as well as Internet — and keep it up until the conflict resolves.

This relatively inexpensive and less risky public commitment could trigger positive results far beyond Syria.

Ask the countries of the world to carry the signal to all citizens. Invite representatives of all factions to make their points, verbally, to a global audience, rather than with bullets and bombs. Invite distinguished peacemakers to help mediate and comment. [Needless to say, we have four ex-U.S. Presidents; and distinguished diplomats such as George Mitchell, and many others. We have Ted Koppel and Michael Krasny...]

We, the People of the World, can do this, and we can endure the uncertainties just as well as we can endure the uncertainties and risks of military actions. Military options will always be there if such an extravention, to coin a phrase, should fail. But it won't fail if we will only try, with "Good Will-Peace Ideals" as our guides, and maintaining "gritty good will" through the rough spots.

Comments: 56


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