Yes! Your donation, time, & skill will make a difference!

Yes! Your donation, time, & skill will make a difference!
Peter DuMont - Sun Dec 29, 2013 @ 06:38PM
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Dear Readers,

An enormous amount of my time, as prime author of our "STAR ALLIANCE • FOUNDATION FOR ALL" peace education materials, has gone into refining the various documents posted on this website and the two summary documents in particular in recent weeks and months: 

• "A Universal Citizens' Pledge of Allegiance for the Common Good," and 

• "Sharing Good Will and Responsibility for Social Integrity — A Pledge for All with Benefits for All."

I hope you will take time to read these two pieces (You can find them on the page entitled: "Peace Documents Offered for All."), and then either drop me a line suggesting how they can be improved, or "step up to the plate" and send in your signature — online or by classic mail — and make a donation of time or funds to strengthen our organization!  I'm sorry our website doesn't have an easy "click and sign" button yet, and you will have kindly to overlook many such deficiencies for now.

Such severe crises as that going on at this writing in the world's youngest nation, South Sudan; and in Syria, the Central African Republic, and the current territorial tensions between China and Japan; not to mention other ongoing conflicts — all are sobering reminders of the crying need for what the STAR ALLIANCE • FOUNDATION FOR ALL does.  

Please don't make the mistake of assuming we are well-funded.  We are not.  And although we've had hundreds of significant supporters over the years (Please see our "Gratitude!" document) please don't assume we have an army of active volunteers at present for the core organization, because we do not.  Individuals matter!

How can you help?  Funds, of course, are "fungible," or fluid and flexible for use in any way most needed according to current organizational priorities.  You can also make a restricted donation specifying exactly how you would like your IRS tax-deductible gift to be used.  

When it comes to volunteering, among the best things anyone in the Berkeley-San Francisco area in particular are:

• Help us find and coordinate other volunteers including excellent director

• Help us make and/or edit videos and create a more visual and lively web presence

• Help us apply for grants, and make effective requests of potential "angel-donors" and the public

• Help us better organize our modest "home-office," preserve our history, and otherwise improve our website, including making better using our excellent photo library.  (This job will be a lot of fun for someone who likes photos and is willing to do methodical work to organize, label, and display them.)

• Help set up outreach presentations at schools, service clubs, companies, and nonprofit and/or government agencies.

Please don't hesitate to give me a call, or if you use e-mail, please use the "contact" page on this site to make your mail easier to find when time allows.

In advance,  THANK YOU VERY MUCH  for contributing to a safer and more peaceful, "star-bright" future!

Peter Bruce DuMont

Comments: 1


1. Robena B. Sharrow   |   Fri Dec 15, 2017 @ 12:05AM

The purpose of this donation is so good and the effort that you are showing for this purpose is really good. I know only some people are working in this field with website and they are going so well. You also share your experience in this article which is wonderful.

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