My comments on today's "Forum" show with Masha Gessen

My comments on today's "Forum" show with Masha Gessen
Peter DuMont - Fri Mar 14, 2014 @ 04:02PM
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Following are the comments I posted to KQED's Forum show today:

Following on to my call to today's show [Note: also recommended:KQED Forum • 2014 March 14th with guest journalist Masha Gessen]] the American Administration, with many supporters, failed sufficiently to respect Saddam Hussein's power and role in Iraq; his positives as well as his negatives. U.S. and allied soldiers, citizens, and taxpayers have all paid a huge price as a result, with very mixed social and political outcomes to date. 

Just before the U.S. invasion of Iraq, in his interview with CBS' Dan Rather, President Hussein invited President Bush to a televised debate, but he was snubbed. Are we now to make a similar mistake with Vladimir Putin, albeit with different details?
I believe we should invite President Putin and other world leaders to a series of global televised town meetings to deal all together (if not altogether) with the structural immaturities of world governance. For example: the lop-sided current U.N. veto, which unlike the U.S. Presidential veto, has no legislative override. This and other major immaturities of the current U.N. (such as no population-based house) leave nations to invent new means of conflict resolution with each crisis.
Regarding contemplated sanctions on Russia, they may be more subtle and certainly less physically violent than fighting with bullets and bombs. But to the degree that the INTENT as well as the effects of sanctions are to hurt rather than help heal and include the Russian people in the administration of the world, such sanctions could open the fighters [in this case: the "sanctifiers"] to hurtful tactics in return.
In today's cyber-dominated world, with those old-fashioned but no less awful nukes in the skies above and the seas below us, are "We, the People" willing to take that risk? Should "we?" — any of us — take such immense risks if it is possible to avoid them?
The Russians are a very intelligent people (albeit with limited information flows in many cases; just as our information can be limited in different ways.) I believe they will respond well if they are treated with dignity and respect as a whole people. And no one should deny that Putin is very powerful politically, not only in Russia, but on the world stage.
So let's have the courage to wish only long-range good for the Russian people and its leaders as we continue to reason — the more publicly and together the better — toward evolving healthy world structures of governance and dispute resolution for everyone.
If sanctions on the Russians are applied soon, let them be very smart and limited, and let's deal with the consequences of such specific actions, delivered with love for all the people of Russia and Humanity, rather than risk far worse consequences from words and actions delivered with disrespect, hubris, and worst of all, hate.

Comments: 40


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