Letter to a Young Person about Keeping Agreements

Letter to a Young Person about Keeping Agreements
Peter DuMont - Fri Mar 28, 2014 @ 05:41PM
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Dear Readers:  The following is an edited version of a letter that I wrote to a young person, just turned eighteen, who had promised to come back for a job interview, but then backed out without calling me.  Then, when I called him, he failed (so far, anyway) to send back some forms he had promised afterwards to send in the mail.  Common behavior, but not good for a healthy, happy, and well-functioning society.  

I decided to take the time, as his elder, to admonish him not only about my displeasure with this behavior, but why being responsible to his agreements matters to himself as well as to others.  

"Keeping your agreements makes life works."  [This aphorism was recalled to me by a STAR ALLIANCE member who got it from an old "EST" training she'd taken in San Francisco, decades earlier.]  

The struggle I have engaged in with this letter —— to take the time and care to explain to one younger man: "WHY YOU MATTER™" — is an important part of brotherly love for individuals, for a healthier society, even for ourselves.

Now I ask you: will you take the time to read it — for its value to all of us — and to comment, share it with others, and follow this good example?  

By the way: it's not like I'm perfect!! Nobody is. And in this case, far from it!  Doing this has reminded me of many things I've promised and failed to do so far...recently!  But all we can do is keep trying our best, and I believe the struggle is well worth it.  Our best will become geometrically better and easier, it stands to reason, as all of us engage in The Struggle for [Responsible] Love™ in our day-to-day human relationships of every manner and kind.



Promoting Civic Principles & Ideals for Good Will & Peace Since 1985
P.O. Box 11125
Berkeley, California 94712

Dear [Young Citizen]:
It was very nice to meet you and your pretty friend on March 20th near the Pipeline Cafe in Berkeley.  And it was fun to show and share the STAR ALLIANCE FRIENDSHIP HANDSHAKE at the end of our visit to my humble home office.
Here's a reminder to please fulfill your promise to mail those extra job application forms back to me.
What you do makes a difference to me.  Based on your promise to come back the next day (and then, when you did not come, your second promise by phone to send back the application forms) I used the last, blank set of forms I had to sign up another applicant. 
Then something came up to disrupt the process with that applicant, and the position is still unfilled.  So: I have no more forms.
[Yes, I can download new forms, but right now that's not my point.  I'm talking about "The Social Contract" you and I had together.] 
If you filled out the forms and you want to consider trying for the job after all, then we can use them.
Or, if you threw them away, I can certainly forgive you.
But let me be clear: You have a social duty to call me and let me know what's going on.  That way, if necessary, I can promptly re-direct my attention to another solution.  This is a principle of social responsibility that applies to innumerable situations in life.
If you do nothing, you have kept me unfairly suspended in action, unless I simply curse and give up on you.
This, however, would hurt me, and ultimately hurt you too, because it hurts the supportive social atmosphere we share. You, like me, are an important part of this atmosphere of collective consciousness and conditions that people constantly create together — in innumerable ways, little and big.
So please: do the right thing, and we'll all feel better, as well as doing better, too.
I have invested quite a bit of time, respect, and brotherly love in you by explaining all this, because it is a specific, practical example of what I describe in the peace document:
You can find this document by clicking this link, or at our website under "Peace Documents Offered for All."
I hope this letter and Document will help you, by way of understanding and expressing social mechanics better, and that you will return my brotherly love by being responsible for what you promised.  It's an opportunity to show me something.
You can also read the other "Peace Documents Offered for All" posted on our website, www.STARALLIANCE.org; and 1) tell me how you think they ought to be changed, or 2) simply share them with family, friends, schoolmates, etc.. 
 Furthermore, you can volunteer or otherwise participate in future STAR ALLIANCE events (even if not, perhaps, with this particular job.)
Finally, I might say: "Thanks for the opportunity" — to share some wisdom with you, and to share it for the world.
With much hope for you and a better world in our lifetimes, according to all our "Highest Common Ideals."
Peter Bruce DuMont
Founding President-in-Service
E-mail: PeterDuMont@STARALLIANCE.org
(Please add a telephone alert for important / time-sensitive e-mails!)
Everyday landline: 510-848-1818
Comments: 6


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