Thanks for Communicating! Keep it Up!

Thanks for Communicating! Keep it Up!
Peter DuMont - Sat Mar 29, 2014 @ 11:46PM
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Thanks and congratulations are due both President Putin of Russia for calling, and President Obama of the United States for accepting the call in recent days; to both leaders for conversing together in a civilized manner regarding the political situation — in-and-over the Crimean Peninsula and the Ukraine.

Timely, regular, clear communications for mutual understanding — with as much good will, mutual respect, and calm as possible — are certainly of the utmost importance to resolve this and any crisis successfully and peacefully.  These and all our declared "Highest Common Ideals" will "give peace a chance."  

In today's world, we must all do our best to resolve and transform conflicts with the intent to coexist, cooperate, and enjoy long-term benefits for all on this planet. Gentlemen: Thank you very much for your efforts, and keep it up!

Please consider, too, widening the scope of participation — ultimately to include the entire community of leaders and people of the world. We recommend a series of "Global Electronic Town Meetings" (for example, four times a year, four hours at a time) until a stable world peace is achieved. 

We at the STAR ALLIANCE for peace are standing by to be of further assistance.  We feel confident that mutual investment in our relationship and a foundation of both knowledge and resources will yield great dividends for our countries, our peoples, and the world.

Comments: 2


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