State of the Union • State of the Garden • And Public Policy

State of the Union • State of the Garden • And Public Policy
Peter DuMont - Thu Jan 22, 2015 @ 03:54AM
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Kudos and many thanks to President Obama for a fine State of the Union Address Tuesday, and for steady leadership during tough economic times and other challenges for the nation.  In his address, Obama properly dwelt on and concluded with values that make America great.   See full transcript:  President Obama's State of the Union Address, 2015.

As we say at STAR ALLIANCE: Good Will, Integrity, and: Teamwork to Make the Dream Work!

Saturday was First Lady Michelle Obama’s birthday. What with her celebrated White House vegetable garden and all — it seemed a fitting co-incidence that citizen activists in Berkeley, California, picked that day to plant a community garden at the main Post Office.

Some of these folks were there at the creation of People’s Park in 1969-70.

These are not the same activists who broke windows in the city’s downtown late last year. Rather, these are the folks (including one Mike Zint) who have been working patiently for years now to preserve what they assert is The People’s rightful ownership of a beautiful, classic design gem at the corner of Milvia and Allston Way. They believe the property should not be sold to commercial interests but rather be retained for the People’s general benefit.

The first Occupation at the Berkeley Post Office made it for 33 days. The present, modest Re-occupation has made it for 80 days, since 2014 Nov 1st.

The new garden is across from Berkeley High School, on the Milvia Street side of the Post Office, and that sets a good example of ecological land use for the younger generation. It replaces, by the way, only a nondescript patch of grass.

Praise the authorities’ wisdom for not interfering with this charming, creative, and soon-to-be productive garden idea, planted on such an auspicious day. Authorities to be praised for their restraint include the Postal Inspection force, the Berkeley Police, and their respective superiors.

* * *

While we’re on the subject of Authority, by the way: authorities in government too often forget that the ultimate authority in a democracy is the very citizenry they represent collectively, and enforce on individually.

In this case there is plenty of public sympathy behind the few sturdy souls in willing to put their bodies on the line day and night to preserve community use of the Post Office.  But law enforcement should ideally always react calmly, cooly, and respectfully if possible.

It can be as simple as how a parking ticket is given; to do it with grace — and in the case of any doubt, erring on the side of their employer: the citizen.

Comments: 3


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