Memories of a Teaching Experiment at Carl Munck Elementary School in the Oakland Public Schools

Memories of a Teaching Experiment at Carl Munck Elementary School in the Oakland Public Schools
Peter B. DuMont - Thu Aug 20, 2015 @ 03:24AM
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Hearing mention of Carl Munck Elementary School toward the end of a Bay Area radio show broadcast 2015 August 17th brought back precious memories of stepping in there for several classes, once per week for the 1999-2000 school year. As memory serves, it was each Monday that I had 1st, 4th, & 5th graders in separate classes throughout the day, an arrangement which gave the home teachers more prep time.

With the enlightened approval of the principal and teachers, if I do say so, I instructed the kids in an experimental focus within the disciplines of English and Social Studies that we've called at STAR ALLIANCE: The Vocabulary of Peace.™ [For further description, and an invitation to host a presentation, please see the Presentation page here or at]

The experiment went very, very well in my opinion. 

I'll never forget asking the youngest class a key question at the very end of the year.  I had no particular expectation of how they would respond.

"Well, class," I asked, "do you think you really LEARNED anything from me this year?"

The whole class erupted in unison, as if with one voice, shouting out with genuine enthusiasm: "GOOD WILL!!!"

What would be great will be to have the district's assistance (and parents' cooperation even now) to track those kids fifteen years later, and see how they did in high school, how many made it to college; to ask them for comments on any lasting benefits they received from that specialty instruction at a tender age; if it made a difference in their ability to prevent and handle conflicts, for example, from the school yard to their home life and growing up; and to appreciate their education and do better in general. 

Comments: 21


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