A Great Week of Celebrations: China, Jimmy Carter and The Carter Center, Gandhi's legacy, & German Day of Unity!

A Great Week of Celebrations: China, Jimmy Carter and The Carter Center, Gandhi's legacy, & German Day of Unity!
Peter DuMont - Sun Oct 04, 2015 @ 12:49AM
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I couldn't let this week pass without mentioning some of the great things that have happened!

October 1st was the national day of China.  Happy Birthday, great China! I had a wonderful people-to-people celebration with Ms. Wenhong Li, a distinguished PhD candidate in Architecture from Tsinghua University University in Beijing, and her friends Julie, Kevin, and daughter Chelsea, a proud fifth-grader at Beach School in my lovely hometown of Piedmont, California.  They treated me to a major, home crab-feast on the mid-Autumn full moon.  Wenhong is on a visit back to the States, and in process of writing a book about her travels visiting various architectural gems here, and helping cook up what could be a wonderful, cooperative retreat center development for STAR ALLIANCE in the Malibu Mountains area.  Thank you so much for a great experience of local and international friendship, friends!!

October 1st was also the amazing 91st birthday of former United States President Jimmy Carter, founder of The Carter Center at Emory University, Atlanta, and one of our most inspiring heroes here at STAR ALLIANCE.  Thank you, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, for your lives of service to country and world!  For our readers' information: we have written recently to President and Mrs. Carter and sent them update editions of the STAR ALLIANCE citizens' Declaration of Highest Civic Ideals. We look forward to hearing back from the Carters in due time.  One of the Declarations we sent them was signed by members of the United Nations Association of San Francisco, Council of Organizations. [sfbaycoo.org/Members.html]  Thanks to one and all! 

October 2nd was the birthday of the great Mahatma Gandhi of India, founder of Indian independence and champion exemplar of nonviolent social action.  Thank you, Mahatma Gandhi, and thank you, Mother India!  On topic, I was lucky to reconnect this week with Professor Emeritus Michael Nagler, founder of the Metta Center [mettacenter.org] and a recognized expert on Gandhi.  The occasion was an event hosted by Saybrook University's Oakland satellite campus on 2015 September 21st: The United Nations Day of Peace.  The panel event benefitted the Democratic World Federalists of San Francisco [dwfed.org], who do great work promoting a more fair, rational, and effective system of democratic global governance.

Finally, Saturday, October 3rd is the German Day of Unity.  Building on its history of unification in the past, Germany deserves a lot of credit for its central role in creating, leading, and stabilizing the European Union; and currently, in bearing so much of the load of mass immigration from war-torn and other unstable areas.  Thank you, Germany!  For more information on the German Day of Unity, visit timeanddate.com.

All in all, its been a terrific week of milestones, mutual education, encouragement, and celebrations!

Yours in service to a better world,

Peter DuMont

Comments: 6


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