Online Comments re Jimmy Carter, James Fallows, The Second Amendment, & Sensible Gun Control

Online Comments re Jimmy Carter, James Fallows, The Second Amendment, & Sensible Gun Control
Peter DuMont - Wed Oct 07, 2015 @ 12:27AM
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Re-Posts of my two Online Listener Comments posted to KQED FORUM's site on 2015 October 6th.

[Show Host: Michael Krasny.  Show guest: Journalist James Fallows.  Fallows was once a speechwriter for former President Jimmy Carter, and near the top of the show, Krasny cited Fallows' opinion that the Second Amendment was 'archaic' relative to the need for better gun control in light of the mental health epidemic, school shootings, etc.. In online comments, Peter DuMont questioned this characterization of the Amendment and helped re-interpret it for today's needs. The second comment has been edited and elaborated here.]  Show URL:

First comment: Appreciations for Carter and Fallows:

Jimmy Carter deserves a lot of credit for his tireless work eliminating Guinea Worm — among many other wonderful works for peace and justice. He shares the credit for the recent Nobel Prize recognizing scientists the Carter Center has worked with.

[Glad to mention, too, that Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter are the latest recipients of the STAR ALLIANCE Foundation's STAR OF PEACE AWARD. (Also see awards page on this website.)]

Fallows, for his part, we can thank for being a lighthouse in his own right.

Second comment: The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Sensible Gun Regulation

The Second Amendment is only "archaic" depending on how it is read and interpreted. In an age of rampant mental health problems and unspeakable school shootings, clearly more emphasis is needed on the first part of the amendment, namely: "A well-regulated militia, [being necessary for the security of a free state..."]

Interpreted in today's world, the amendment can properly be understood: "In order to provide for the security of our free state — and all the people including innocent children it exists to protect and serve — we need to regulate deadly force very well. For everyone's safety, citizen-owned firearms — in addition to nuclear weapons (at the extreme) and other strictly-organized military weapons — must be well-regulated.

With this understanding, We, the People must regain our collective balance of mind and judgment regarding sensible gun control and empower our legislators to enhance the National Instant Criminal Background Check system.  That system is a good start, but only a start at the federal level.  It allows efficient, modern computer screening of gun buyers in advance. 

Amazingly, however, lobbying efforts have, to date, blocked computerized interstate gun registration / information sharing by law enforcement! [Please reference:

This system should clearly be expanded to include REGISTRATION of all guns, with instant interstate computer TRACKING.  In an age of identity chips embedded in credit cards, for goodness sake, we must protect our children at least as well as our money!

Please note that nothing in this opinion should be construed as counter to our STAR ALLIANCE vision of a society where gun violence is a thing of the past.  Depending on cooperation from civic and educational authorities, education to our Highest Civic Ideals — Good Will Values for All to Share — should become increasingly available to all citizens of the world at an early age.  The need for guns as a mode of civil defense will surely plummet to the extent more and more people learn and habituate to Good Will Values for All to Share. 
Comments: 21


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