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What a beautiful dream I had on New Year's Eve morning, 2016! 

So much so...that for the first time after many years of privately writing down my dreams (for who knows ever to read?) it occurred to me to haul off and share this one publicly.  Don't worry!  It's really positive!

Since the word dream is used in different senses, and I do write a lot about dreams in the social-political sense: this one was a sleeping-type dream — you know: waking, dreaming, sleeping — those three cycles that pretty much everybody goes through daily. [Too bad they can't all experience the fourth natural state of consciousness yet — transcendental awareness!  Well, they can...but that's another story. [Please see www.tm.org, if you're interested in that one!]

This particular dream started out with finding a diagram written on the underside of a table!  There was a sketch of gate going into a city.  And there was a feeling of antiquity and history and mystery about the whole thing.  It could have been a city somewhere in the Middle East, for all I know.  Some old wise man with a beard was helping me look at this diagram and figure out what it meant.

Then, all of a sudden, I was in a big outdoor area — a National Park Service entry lot to be exact: in a car, and it was cold, snowy weather but a clear day.  There were other cars around me near...a big gate of some kind!  We could also see over to a different area where there was a ceremony of some kind going on. Naturally, my attention gravitated toward this activity. A woman nearby told me: Yeah!  There's a beautiful road to drive up to the lake starting over behind there!

The next thing I knew, I over there inside a building.  There were people around at different tables in a large meeting area with a high ceiling. I was interacting with a woman of perhaps thirty-or-so who had just been appointed to a middle management position with the Park Service.  She had short hair and a light green shirt and a dark green tie.  At first she was really worried about what I was going to say — that I might somehow challenge her authority or upset the applecart she had going in her new job. I was standing up and all she wanted was for me to please sit down and be quiet!

But that wasn't my energy and purpose!  I knew I had something to say that was going to help her, and everybody else, too, and she shouldn't be afraid.  So I persisted in a gentle way.  I just stood there and beamed positive energy from inside myself to her without saying a word.  Finally, her resistance and fear just kind of melted — enough that we both felt it was OK I leave and walk over toward the front of the room.

There I joined another table, and the first lady's boss, an older woman with a lot of experience and positive energy and confidence: started to speak on a portable mic.  Everyone started to pay attention, and this lady — perhaps a member of Congress or another important politician type with authority — sensed that she kind of liked me and wanted to give me a chance to speak.  Before that, she started to rally the troops, so to speak, in the auditorium, including a balcony.  There was a mixed audience including a lot of younger people.

So there I was, sitting at a round table near the front and listening to this powerful lady speak, and we were communicating mentally: because she kept glancing at me as she spoke to the crowd.  I wanted a chance to speak, but I patiently waited my turn.  Then a younger man with dark bushy hair and a suit took the mic and came over towards me.  After a moment, he handed me the mic!  But as he handed it to me, he asked a question about friendliness that kind of caught me off guard. Something about: was I friendly?; or what did I think about being friendly?

Oh!  I said on the mic, so everyone could hear.  I don't know quite how to answer that question....I guess I'm the type of person that is friendly with just about anyone and everyone!  Especially if they can be friendly with me!

At that moment, what surprised me was: all of a sudden a whole lot of people throughout the audience — including a lot of the young people around me and all the way up to the top of the balcony — raised their hands together in a sign of assent.  And at the same moment there was a kind of soft collective cheer of affirmation, as if they already knew me — and knew that what I said was true!  

Amazingly: they started standing up, too, and coming down to the front of the auditorium in a visible show of support.

I stood up with a feeling of great gratitude — and a kind of relief, too — and I handed the mic to a beautiful young woman with dark straight hair standing near me in the crowd.  Kind of shyly, she said on the mic that they too, wanted to be friendly, and they could vouch for me that I had been friendly over many years when each of them had met me at some time or another.

I woke up infused with a wonderful feeling of social affirmation and friendly solidarity with youth — and much hope for the future.

* * *

Now by the way: if you'd like to help create a friendlier social atmosphere, then by all means, one important thing you can do is share this website [www.STARALLIANCE.org] with your friends, family....and even your enemies!  Who knows? Maybe they won't be such enemies after they do some quality reading here!  You can also donate, please, or write or call us with questions and/or offers to volunteer.  For unique emails (not newsletters or ads, please), you can use: Peter.DuMont@STARALLIANCE.org.

Thanks for your attention, and many thanks in advance for your support!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2016 and Beyond!

— Peter Bruce DuMont 

Comments: 12


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