Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day!
Peter DuMont - Wed Mar 09, 2016 @ 12:10AM
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Dear Readers,

On this International Women's Day, 2016: a note of appreciation to the women of the world.  

It is one of the great, self-evident truths that no man is born without a woman: his own mother.  Yet many men behave forgetfully at times  of a certain baseline of respect due to all women, for this reason alone.  

It is said: Where women are honored, the nation prospers.

The inverse must certainly be true: Where women are consistently dis-honored, any nation will suffer.

For the sake of all humanity, then, here's hoping our world will soon be characterized by a greater mutual respect among all people.  And let everyone appreciate the unique positive qualities and characteristics that women, as a group, surely possess.

Thank you, ladies, for inspiring the men of the world, and for nurturing the precious, innocent children — especially when you do it under difficult and sometimes extraordinarily demanding conditions.

A special note of thanks, finally, to those many women who serve as teachers; in particular: those greats involved in planning for better educational methods, systems, content, and structures for all.

Comments: 11


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