Homelessness: Economic Analysis Needed for Best Solutions

Homelessness: Economic Analysis Needed for Best Solutions
Peter DuMont - Wed Jun 29, 2016 @ 01:28PM
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The following is an online comment from yours truly posted at KQED-FM's Forum's remarkable show of 2016 June 29th, (star host Michael Krasny) on the daunting challenge of homelessness. Kudos to KQED for cooperating with some 60 news organizations on their current series. Now that's networking! The specific original show may be accessed at KQED Forum's archive  here.

Thank you for one of the most touching and informative shows we have heard to date on the challenges of homelessness. I am reminded of the only-too-true dark quip that "Being homeless is a full-time job!"

As a nonprofit leader (Star Alliance Foundation for All) who has worked with, and for, the disadvantaged for many years; it is my reasoned wish that:

1) Governments and agencies get help from trained economists (e.g.: Pro-bono Economists of London and one hopes: their networked affiliates) to analyze the enormous long-term waste created by avoidable human suffering, and to show how it is in the distinct financial interest of taxpayers (via savings on long-term Social Security disability, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits, etc.) to:

2) Build flexibility into their rules to allow for the wiser application of human judgment in individual situations.

3) Fund teams of expert managers and social workers who, in turn, are "armed" and "handed" with public and private funds to overcome quickly and efficiently the all-too-typical financial hurdles which KEEP PEOPLE DOWN at critical junctures; and instead give them a decent chance for long-term cost-saving breakthroughs.

4) Provide more systematic, personalized follow-up, to encourage accelerated and long-term healing and productivity for the good of all: individuals and ultimately the entire social and economic environment.

Comments: 13


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