Getting Globally Organized: The Crisis in Syria Could Be a Way Out for All! Jumping Up to True Global Democracy Is Better than Falling into Nuclear Winter!

Getting Globally Organized: The Crisis in Syria Could Be a Way Out for All! Jumping Up to True Global Democracy Is Better than Falling into Nuclear Winter!
Peter DuMont - Tue Oct 04, 2016 @ 01:43PM
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Immediately following is my abbreviated tip to world leaders (offered from a humble place, figuratively and literally) who are faced with the chaos and confusion that is Syria right now.  This comment was stimulated by the discussion of former United States Ambassador to Russia, Dr. Michael McFaul at Stanford, with star radio host Dr. Michael Krasny, under the headline appearing at on 2016 October 4th:

U.S. Ends Cooperation with Russia on Syrian Civil War


Russia needs a glorious role to fulfill in the world, just as the United States does. The U.S. would do well to provide leadership and enlist Russia and other major players' support to jump up to a true world democracy.  In the context of that bigger discussion [and one hopes: result], many intractable smaller issues could get cleared up, perhaps not easily, but certainly more easily.


Here, in addition, on this blog: are some followup comments showing a clear path towards true world democracy. 


The sense of security now held by the few historical United Nations veto holders is an illusion, masking the underlying, inherent DYSFUNCTION and WEAKNESS of the current global system, which violates the essential democratic principle of power vested proportionately in the people.

Where is it fair that only one of five nations sitting permanently on the 15-member Security Council (the other ten members rotate in and out) can completely block security action of the whole global governance of 200-member states?

The five historic veto-holders have the FREEDOM of this choice at the awesome global level of public affairs. So they should also properly bear the RESPONSIBILITY of making the system more fair and functional.  It is they most of all who should provide the necessary leadership!

Therefore, we issue a challenge to: Mr. Obama, (Barack Obama), Mr./Ms. U.S. President-Elect, Mr. Xi (Xi Jinping), Mr. Putin (Vladamir Putin), Mr. Hollande (Francois Holland), and Ms. May (Theresa May):

Please accept The Challenge of Peace: Please lead our world to structure a new, fair and functional representative global democracy. Support calls for a timely U.N. Charter Review / Global Constitutional Convention.

If you do not, the day and hour may come soon, right here on Earth, to wish bitterly you had tried your best.

If you do choose to use your freedom and power to make this happen, you will be on the right side of history. And the thanks of the world's people, all of whom will ultimately benefit, will be with you always.


Below we explain a few U.N. Basics for the general public, repeat some of the key admonitions above, and then add the easy way out that is, fortunately, already encoded into international law.

* * * * * * * * * *

There are approximately 200 nations in the world. 193 are member states of the United Nations.

The United Nations, chartered in 1945 at the end of the Second World War, is structured with an executive Secretariat, headed up by the Secretary-General. There are two main legislative bodies: the General Assembly and the Security Council. The International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court are the two United Nations courts.  The latter are finally starting to get a real foothold in public consciousness and compliance.  

The General Assembly is a kind of Senate of Nations, in the sense they are not based on population, but soley on entity.  Every nation has one vote in the General Assembly, cast by one Ambassador, who is typically appointed by one Head of State.  And that Head of State may or may not be democratically elected. (Out of the 193 member nations, 123 are currently considered democratic. This is huge progress, because in 1900, there were only eleven democracies! [See source.]) 

To upgrade the United Nations, we need two big changes:

1) a sensible legislative override on the currently unfair, disproportionate power of the historic U.N. veto mechanism.

The effectiveness of the Security Council is seriously hampered by the current veto. President Putin loves it. He openly touted the "stability" factor of the Veto in a published OPED piece in the NY Times several years ago. And frankly, he has a good point from a historical perspective. There are times when everyone needs a good bridge. But stability, like anything, can be taken too far and go over-limit, in this case creating paralysis time and time again.  The world needs to move beyond its own history and embrace the future now.  

We are all at risk of Nuclear Winter if things spin out of control at any time.  Most people don't realize it would only take in the order of tens of the Big Ones to light enough uncontrollable fires in big urban areas to shadow out our vital sunlight worldwide with smoke. Temperatures would plummet and stay there. Crops would fail.  The End. 

[Please reference Nature Journal, 2011 May 19, p. 275; Comment piece by Alan Robock, PhD Climatologist at Rutgers University; and/or his website.]

The other four nations who hold the veto since the U.N. was created —  the U.S., China, U.K., and France — love it, too.  Why shouldn't they?  They have this unfair power also!  

Remember, too, that as a practical matter, it's not only five nations who wield the veto.  It's the individual national leaders who "call the shots."  This is concentration of power run amok.

OK.  Those who have it want to keep it.  It gives them a sense of some limited security and control in a scary world of change. 

But that sense of security, that partial control, is not based in wholeness of global consciousness or even what we call reality. 

Instead it is an illusion, masking the underlying, inherent DYSFUNCTION and WEAKNESS of the current global system, which violates the essential democratic principle of power vested proportionately in the people, and as such puts everyone at risk of tyranny manifesting in different forms.

The lack of true global democratic governance is like having a body without a fully functioning brain.

A sensible legislative override would get our adolescent world democracy off "stuck" and reduce the danger of a "clash of the titans" and more insidious and likely: continuing, chronically-unresolved conflicts stimulating, even from "smaller" actors, at worst: Global Suicide.

We at STAR ALLIANCE propose a two-thirds or four-fifths veto override.  If a very clear majority (10 or 12, respectively, out of the 15 Security Council members) favors a corrective action, then let it be.


2) The other big flaw in the current U.N. System is: there is no population-based representation.  

Yes, The General Assembly is a Senate of Nations.  It provides dignity to each of the 193 member nations with one seat.  Fine and great.  What a wonderful starting development from all those who created it.  But just as with the U.S. Senate, the General Assembly bears absolutely no connection to the numbers of actual people represented!

This can be corrected with a Congress of the Earth that includes a population-based House.  We should have perhaps one voting representative for every five or ten million people represented. (Smaller nations could split single votes proportionately.)

That would make a body of about 350 representatives @ one for each 10-million population; or a body of about 700 representatives @ one for each 5-million population.

The good news is: all of this that would have been so difficult and relatively expensive to organize before, can now be organized largely over the Internet, cutting way down on the logistical challenges, start up, and operational costs.


Now: How to engage the process of actually changing the current system?  (Or are We the People of the World just locked into it forever?)  

Answer: Easier than you may think!  

Article 109 of the U.N. Charter contains the necessary prescription for orderly change.  With a two-thirds majority vote, The General Assembly can call at any time a Charter Review Conference (aka: A Global Constitutional Convention!) Only nine members of the Security Council are required to approve, meaning a conference can be called without necessarily having support from any of the five veto powers. 

This is the peaceful way to create global structural change.

The Charter Review Conference can draft and pass the necessary upgrades suggested here, and one hopes: a few others that make good sense.  


Only one more hurdle: Ratification by two-thirds of the member countries, according to their respective constitutional processes, INCLUDING ratification by ALL FIVE permanent member nations of the Security Council.

That's where everyone who moves in or towards these high-minded circles, already, tends to get discouraged before ever getting started.  They assume that at least one: of Russia or China or the U.S., or France, or the U.K....will block the reform.

Well here's my suggestion:

Let's put these very folks in charge of the campaign!

After all, these important leaders and the nations and peoples they represent, to whatever democratic extent, have the legal SECURITY of knowing that they can nix anything that's not to their liking — right up until the final documents are agreed and signed!

Since they have the FREEDOM of this choice at the awesome level of global public affairs — they should also properly BEAR (sic!) the RESPONSIBILITY.  It is they most of all who should provide the necessary leadership!

Therefore, we issue you a challenge: Mr. Obama, (Barack Obama), Mr./Ms. U.S. President-Elect, Mr. Xi (Xi Jinping), Mr. Putin (Vladamir Putin), Mr. Hollande (Francois Holland), Ms. May (Theresa May): 

Please accept The Challenge of Peace:  Please lead our world to structure a new, fair and functional representative global democracy. Support a Charter Review - Constitutional Convention as soon as possible.

If you do not, the day and hour may come soon, right here on Earth, to wish bitterly you had tried your best.

If you do choose to use your freedom and power to make this happen, you will be on the right side of history.  The thanks of the world's people, all of whom will ultimately benefit, will be with you always.


Author's Note: I recall with gratitude: the late, great Dr. Lucille Greene of El Cerrito, California, and many aothers in the Bay Area Global Democracy Movement; the great Mr. Benton Musselwhite, Esq. of Houston; Dr. Alan Robock, of course; my instructors at U.C. Berkeley in Peace and Conflict Studies, particularly Ms. Rita Maran, who taught us about Human Rights Law; and particularly all those like First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt who helped spirit creation of the United Nations Bill of Human Rights, and the Organization itself, originally. On behalf of everyone, really: THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! — PBD)

Comments: 9


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