Benjamin Franklin Quotes Come in Handy at Time of High Intrigue

Benjamin Franklin Quotes Come in Handy at Time of High Intrigue
Peter DuMont - Mon Mar 20, 2017 @ 05:16PM
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Hello readers.
Stimulated by current events, I'm going to attempt to blog more frequently. Even little things can trigger commentary on big topics.
Today, for example, I called a technical support person at (and got through like lightening, which is typical at that outfit.)  Scott was great, and we both invoked Benjamin Franklin's wisdom in context of today's Congressional Hearings on national security and espionage. Scott quoted Franklin to the general effect: 'If you give up your freedom in favor of security, you will end up with neither.'  
According to a couple of sources I checked, Franklin's exact words were:
"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
To Scott, I recalled the marvelous PBS documentary on Franklin I saw years ago and often remember.  When he was in Paris, wooing pivotal support for the American Revolution, Franklin was the toast of the town.  He noticed that spies were everywhere, but took this in stride, commenting to the effect:
"I would never think of dismissing a valet simply because he is a spy...
...Provided, however, he is a good valet!"
To Scott I commented in essence: Maybe we should all accept that everyone is spying on everyone else in today's world, make friends anyway and prevent Nuclear Winter together!
He said he couldn't agree more, but he hoped there would be enough others "who agree with us."
I referred Scott to for our Declaration of Highest Civic Ideals (under the Good Will Wisdom Documents Offered for All page) and his interest was enthusiastic. I invited him to check at least the first two links on the page and to contact me at my priority email: if he wants to volunteer personally or help link us up with his company, for example.  I also encouraged him/them to be persistent and call if necessary, since we need both volunteer tech and staff support [or the funding to pay for it!!] I would not want to miss his inquiry, and the same applies to you, readers of the world! — PBD
Comments: 11


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