Printers' Wisdom Comes in Handy re Health Care Debate

Printers' Wisdom Comes in Handy re Health Care Debate
Peter DuMont - Fri Mar 24, 2017 @ 01:12PM
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Relative to the current rush to "replace Obama Care with something better," I am reminded of an old, wise joke neatly printed on the walls of many print shops I have seen over the years:

"If you don't have time to do it right...Where do you find time to DO IT OVER?"

Truth to tell, that is a major reason why your STAR ALLIANCE — a foundation of knowledge and inspiration for all — has taken so long (about thirty years to be exact) — carefully to draft our Highest Civic Ideals documents set that we are offering to the world — and it's still not 100% finished yet!  But we hope this slow process will prove well worth the wait.  We feel that by getting it right in this generation, we can establish a baseline civic values system that will stand the test of time and be relevant anywhere, to anyone who wishes to establish and enjoy productive, sustainable relationships at every level of life and society.  

It is increasingly the time — if not past time — to put our careful work to the test with a broader public.  Would you like to help?  How would you like to help?  

You can start simply by reading some, most, or all of the documents linked on the page: Good Will Wisdom Documents Offered for All. 

If you like the gist of what you read, tell your family, friends and colleagues — maybe even someone you have a conflict with...

It might help a lot, because attitudes determine much of what happens in any relationship, and apart from specific values, our documents tend to culture broad-minded attitudes of good will and common sense.

You may also have specific feedback to share, whether positive or negative.  Either one is a significant way to help.

Please also feel free to contact us about how you might like to help in other ways.   Since we are still essentially unfunded and unstaffed (Believe me, it's been a long and winding road...There are reasons that will make an interesting story!) please be persistent to make sure you get through and get a response.  

Yours in service to a world that works for all people of good will — especially those who do their best to learn and practice all our Highest Civic Ideals,  510-540-8887.

Comments: 4


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