Nuclear Winter, The Public's Right to Know, & Good Will as Defense

Nuclear Winter, The Public's Right to Know, & Good Will as Defense
Peter DuMont - Sun Apr 30, 2017 @ 06:55PM
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The following, with a new title, is a copy of my post to KQED-FM’s Forum on 2017 February 10th:

The Threat of Nuclear Winter and "Good Will as Defense"

The Public's Right to Know, & an Important Public Policy Recommendation

All-out nuclear war is definitely not necessary to threaten U.S. national security. 

Nuclear Winter is the much more likely and immediate threat.

Rutgers University climatologist Alan Robock and others have pointed out for years that even a relatively small number of initial nuclear explosions between India and Pakistan, for example, would start

huge, uncontrollable fires in their big cities. Heavy soot would spread quickly, darkening the entire planet. We could all freeze to death or, more likely, starve to death from massive crop failures over a slightly longer period.

Recognizing this totally unacceptable possibility --

Wouldn't it be good, precisely for America's self interest:

1) Straightforwardly to acknowledge this astonishing threat [to a broad global public] and the [worldwide] interdependence it implies.

2) Save substantial overkill nuclear modernization resources, for example, and direct these instead -- as a matter of STRATEGIC DEFENSE -- toward proactive efforts for global peacemaking?

These efforts should include using interactive mass media for promoting good will and achieving better mutual understanding, conflict resolution and transformation worldwide; and helping meet basic human needs everywhere:…again as a matter of U.S. defense…to reduce despair and increase hope, cooperation and yes (shock) even joy!!

Honestly, this GOOD WILL AS DEFENSE strategy could generate a level of good will effectively overwhelming to the now nearly overwhelming level of negativity which is manifesting as terrorism -- a very clear early warning sign.

It will prove far less of a gamble than we have been taking for decades, everyday.

It will be our best, most COST-EFFECTIVE form of American defense.

Peter Bruce DuMont




Comments: 5


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The long-term exposure to cold, dark, and radioactivity could pose a serious threat to human survivors and to other species.

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