"Do the Right Thing" Appeal to Mr. Trump re The Paris Climate Agreement • "The Very Air We Breath"

"Do the Right Thing" Appeal to Mr. Trump re The Paris Climate Agreement • "The Very Air We Breath"
Peter DuMont - Thu Jun 01, 2017 @ 01:52AM
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Dear Mr. President: On behalf of the STAR ALLIANCE • FOUNDATION FOR ALL (www.STARALLIANCE.org), for the health and safety of all Americans; the very air we breathe, the safety of our coastlines (not to mention the welfare of humanity around the world); PLEASE support the Paris Climate Agreement!
Ours and future generations will be thanking you for respecting scientific consensus and common sense alike!
Peter Bruce DuMont
Please read the immediate previous post about the "Real and Present Dangers" of Nuclear Winter...Which of course would be the most cataclysmic and irreversible climate change of all. [Reference the classic "Fire and Ice" poem by Robert Frost.]
Comments: 13


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