How to Unshackle Nascent Global Democracy • Upgrading the United Nations

How to Unshackle Nascent Global Democracy • Upgrading the United Nations
Peter DuMont - Wed Sep 13, 2017 @ 01:43PM
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The following short essay is about preventing future wars and atrocities by fixing egregious structural limitations on effective global democracy in (and through) the United Nations.  It was first posted as a listener comment, at on 2017 September 13th; stimulated by the show's discussion of "Textbook Ethnic Cleansing" alleged right now in Myanmar. 

From: 1PeterDuMont2STARALLIANCE8 • 

To answer your caller's question to the effect: "Why doesn't the U.N. do anything?..." 

The Security Council, which has fifteen member countries at any given time, includes five permanent members — China, France, Russia, the UK, and the USA.  The other ten member countries on the Council at any time, rotate in and out on two-year terms; and since there are about two-hundred member countries (193 to be exact), the five big historical players have hugely disproportionate power.  In addition to their permanent status, any one of them can block action by the entire Security Council with their single vote withheld. This is the so-called "UN Veto," which is never mentioned by that name in the Charter language.

The good news is: it is absolutely legally possible, under Article 109 of the Charter, to call for a UN Charter Review at virtually any time.  This would amount to a Global Constitutional Convention, and with this, We the People of the World, through the current UN structure itself, would have a chance to upgrade the legal realities of our nascent global democracy to a more fair system. We could create a sensible override feature for the Veto, for example, such as we have in the United States over a Presidential Veto. And we could upgrade the UN in other important ways such as creating some form of population-linked, directly-elected representation, which is now entirely feasible in the Internet Age.  This would augment the General Assembly, which is a kind of "Senate of Nations" where the head of each nation, whether elected or not, appoints one senator.

In the 72 year history of the UN (which body was put together in a matter of months after WWII), Article 109 has NEVER been activated. I believe this is from a-priori discouragement that all five of the permanent Security Council members, who vote is required for final ratification, would ever agree on a reasonable change.  This combined with ignorance on the part of the public and frankly, most in officialdom, too: on how, specifically, to get started on this vital discussion.

As with so many things, it is a matter of knowledge and political will. This opportunity is very important and worthy of mass attention as soon as possible!  "Natural Law," as it were, will keep "hammering us" in different ways until it finally gets our attention and we fix our own global governance dysfunctions. No mystical outside force is going to do it for us.  Meanwhile, we face no less than the harsh and costly realities of Climate Change and the very real possibility of sudden global death through Nuclear Winter!  The Big Five — and literally everyone — are encouraged to see clearly, rationally, and quickly: their own self-interest in making way for progressive changes by these and other means.

The caller and other alert citizens are invited to volunteer or donate to nonprofits including the UNA (United Nations Associations or "citizen-booster chapters," of which there are several in the Bay Area alone) and the STAR ALLIANCE Foundation of Berkeley, for example, with which I have been volunteering for thirty years(!) They can also contact their elected officials and generally "Talk it up."  We must BUILD POLITICAL WILL for the points outlined above.

Upgrading the structure and function of democracy at the global level is one of the very best ways — and certainly a necessary component — of preventing future wars and atrocities.  We must act promptly.  We are not helpless in the Challenge of Peace.

Comments: 3


1. Dawn T. Provencal   |   Wed Sep 20, 2017 @ 02:50AM

The democracy in the United States is so different from the other country. It seems that president runs the whole country with but it is not true the establishment run the whole country. In this type of the democracy, you will never understand about the establishment.

2. Meachel   |   Fri Oct 27, 2017 @ 02:46AM

There are many debates and rumors regarding the democracy in the recent changes.This will let the students know about how the environment is helping the people.

3. Anonymous   |   Tue Mar 13, 2018 @ 04:57PM

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