What Good Can We Derive from the Ferocious Fires?

What Good Can We Derive from the Ferocious Fires?
Peter DuMont - Fri Oct 27, 2017 @ 02:30PM
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  • Dear Readers: The following is a slightly edited version of a post I made to KQED's Forum show 2017 October 27th, hosted by Mina Kim on the topic: 
    North Bay Faith Communities Play a Role in Wildfire Recovery.  You can listen to the show here.Avatar
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    This comment will not be comforting, but since it could contribute to life-saving on a truly massive scale, I feel a duty to express it.

    Years ago I heard a Native American elder speak to the effect that Mother Earth was running a fever — that she was unhappy with what human beings, collectively, were doing to her.

    With great sympathy for those directly affected, it occurred to me during the fires that 'This is nothing compared to a single nuclear incident — much less an exchange' — which scientists like climatologist Alan Robock have been warning could easily lead to a Nuclear Winter.

    Nuclear Winter, of course, is precisely caused by smoke from uncontrollable urban fires on top of the initial blasts. This smoke would spread out and fill our precious Earth atmosphere all over.  Aside from being very difficult and unhealthy to breathe, the smoke would block the sun, causing temperatures to plummet, and crop failure and death throughout the Earth.

    If we consider these recent fires (and the acceleration of hurricane rates in frequency and intensity) relatively kind, early warning shots from Mother Nature; we will each do our sober best to raise public awareness and support the historic Nuclear Weapons Ban passed by 122 nations at the United Nations 2017 July 7th [The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons], and also our sober best to see that it gets ratified by the required fifty nations, first of all, and subsequently put into practice by all nations.

    We, the People of Earth, and specifically the Nuclear Powers of Earth, have been flirting with totally unacceptable risks in this regard for far too long already.  Mother and Father Nature are warning us: Be care-full with ourselves, with one another, and with Them.

  • Comments: 3


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