Jerusalem • An Equal Opportunity Moment

Jerusalem • An Equal Opportunity Moment
Peter DuMont - Sun Dec 10, 2017 @ 03:28PM
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Dear Readers:

The following brief comment was posted (and cited, in part, on air by host Michael Krasny) at KQED's Forum radio show on 2017 December 7th. I hope international leaders, activists, and populations will take note.  I will simply add here: Israel's long-standing insistence on bi-lateral negotiations notwithstanding, it has long seemed obvious to me that since the International Community was instrumental in establishing the state of Israel, it should be at least equally instrumental and responsible to support establishment of a dignified, secure home for the Palestinian People after all these years. (Let's face it: This should have been arranged from the beginning. Why should Israel fear such support now?) Achieving lasting just peace (with love, by the way) is clearly in Israel's own higher self-interests.  — PBD

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Looking to positive potentials here: Now that President Trump has "recognized reality" by recognizing Israel's long-functioning capital in Jerusalem; might this not be a wonderful "equal opportunity" moment to locate a functioning Palestinian capital there?

Crucial pre-conditions for such creativity are good will and a sense of responsibility — by and for all — in preference to anger-based, ill-willed reactivity.

Comments: 3


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