The Nuclear Threat: A Stimulus for True Global Democracy — Getting Our Global Security Policies and Priorities Right

The Nuclear Threat: A Stimulus for True Global Democracy — Getting Our Global Security Policies and Priorities Right
Peter DuMont - Mon Jan 01, 2018 @ 09:23PM
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The following essay elaborates a comment first posted to KQED's Forum Show on December 20th regarding Security Policy. It seems most appropriate to New Year's Resolutions on behalf of We, The People Everywhere. — Peter Bruce DuMont

Investing in enhanced safety systems and procedures for nuclear weapons seems wise indeed. The U.S. and Allies could potentially share these technologies and policies with all other nuclear powers, including the DPRK; similar to Ronald Reagan’s vision of sharing “Star Wars” nuclear defense technology with all.  And this investment should most definitely include better staffing so that Navy sailors and others handling nuclear weapons are guaranteed full daily sleep requirements (Please reference the recent This American Life broadcast on this topic.); not to mention training in proven techniques for stress-reduction and deep conscious rest. [Reference:]

Investing heavily in a new generation of nuclear weapons, however — at a time when 184 (out of 193 Member Nations of the U.N.) have just voted (2017 July 7th) to BAN these illegal monsters— would be a truly mis-guided use of major resources in the name of security.

Wake up, humanity!

The nine nuclear powers are insufficiently acknowledging that only 50-100 nuclear explosions in big cities could kill virtually everyone on Earth via Nuclear Winter.

Obviously, this is an outrageously unacceptable level of global risk. If present nuclear leaders collectively continue to flirt with it, Murphy's Law will eventually prove itself. What a horrible threat we all continue to live under!

Rather than trying to starve North Korea out of the weapons it already has — attempting somehow to ignore present reality while talking hypocritically about the glories of national sovereignty — the rest of the Nuclear Club should ACCEPT this new reality and provide the courageous leadership required for a BIG QUANTUM JUMP UP TO TRUE GLOBAL DEMOCRACY — complete with a unified Global Defense System.

We must trust that the People of Earth — properly represented with a directly-elected, population-based House, added to the current United Nations “Senate of Nations” appointed by national leaders — will never choose to self-annihilate!

And we must trust that even North Korea and other current outliers will choose to participate in a fully honest, fair-minded formula for global governance, conceding THEIR unreasonable demands in return for a proportional share of the overwhelming benefits of a secure world peace accruing to all nations and peoples.

A population-based global political system will circumvent the traditional, legitimate objection to “World Government,”in that dictators and other ruling elites — although they might retain for a time their appointment power to the current “Senate of Nations” (U.N. General Assembly) — would be counter-balanced by their own collective populations, empowered with a direct vote. Perhaps even a secret ballot system the newly-formed House would be wise: to protect representatives from retribution by their national and local leaders.

What amounts to a Global Constitutional Convention — to upgrade our current, weak, consequently often ineffective global political system — can easily be called under Article 109 of the U.N. Charter. A 2/3 vote of the General Assembly will suffice, including any nine of the fifteen Security Council members. 

This is do-able, people!

Recall that the five Permanent Members of Security Council, under the present U.N. Charter, will EACH have a chance to veto ANY proposals the convention comes up with until they are fully adopted.

Isn't that security enough for these nations: Not only to acquiesce, but to provide leadership for real, global, democratic change the way they ought to: Perceiving their own self-interests in the democratic well being of the whole.

Looking closely at the DPRK: What worked for devastated Europe after WWII was the Marshall Plan, and a similar program to rebuild devastated Europe and Japan. But there was no such re-construction effort from the West in favor of restoring North Korea after it was bombed until there were "no more targets.” (Thereafter, five dams were also destroyed in violation of International Law.) Such overkill and neglect of basic human rights and needs has led to the current volatile situation.

The solution is not to light a match!

This crisis is a "dangerous opportunity," as Chinese wisdom reminds us. The whole world must come together in favor of profound and careful mutual respect.

Good Will, Responsibility and all their contextual ethical values — “Our Highest Civic Ideals” [] — are the great, timeless, reliable guiding lights which We, the People of Earth must look to, all together, for sure navigation — and employ, each to our best ability — to achieve reasonably safe and secure forward propulsion. 

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