Identifying, Celebrating, and Practicing Our Highest Civic Ideals Will Make Possible Progress toward Universal Friendship FOR these Ideals (And Much Greater Safety!) Amidst the Storms of Our Lives and Times

Identifying, Celebrating, and Practicing Our Highest Civic Ideals Will Make Possible Progress toward Universal Friendship FOR these Ideals (And Much Greater Safety!) Amidst the Storms of Our Lives and Times
Peter DuMont - Mon Mar 26, 2018 @ 01:05PM
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Developed from my post this morning to the comment board at's Forum with Michael Krasny.

People can be friends and nations can be friends. But it is important to be clear on what we are friends for! 
Being friends for unethical or otherwise wrong reasons brings danger to both immediate friends and the fabric of society. 
Being friends for the right, ethical reasons can help carry anybody and everybody through many a trial and error in this imperfect world, where we are all, always, subject to Murphy's Law.*
It is not only important generally, but in the case of Nuclear Armed States: Crucial to the sustainability of the world: That friendship for a complete set of Highest Civic Ideals — values essential to good, healthy, sustainable relationships at every level of life — become the collective goal of all nations and peoples.
Ideal values such as good will, integrity, communication, cooperation, and celebration for common (and harmonizing) goals and principles can — at least in theory — be held firmly in common even during storms of disagreement and change involving their application in the complexities of life. 
It is like the ancient image and reality of navigating by the stars, or today, by the satellite "stars" that guide cars and ships and planes through any kind of weather, day or night. Good values like honesty and integrity provide accuracy in navigation.  They are essential to guide all parties at every step, so that ideally: Everyone may reach their respective goal/s in harmony.

Whereas all nations and peoples are unlikely ever to adopt a set of ideals in the name of the same religion or religious leaders (with all due respect to the great men, women, and precepts celebrated by religions); we can and should declare and follow logically-derived, essentially self-evident values of healthy, sustainable relationships which can be expressed in a fully rational and civic way. 

It is important that nations and peoples everywhere — not to mention individuals, groups, and businesses — officially declare and adopt such a complete set of baseline, guiding values as soon as possible. 

This won't solve the myriad ongoing challenges of complex applications of principles to daily life and special crises, of course.  But it will certainly help enormously.  It will increase the speed and efficiency of conflict resolution while reducing untold threats; unlocking untold resources presently wasted at peril to all.

It is possible that Russia and America (or in theory, any two parties, even amidst active conflicts) can agree together on these Highest Civic Ideals in their abstract form, where the values themselves remain pure.  

With sufficient good will, integrity, sobriety of course; and by making an effort to meet everyone's basic needs, if possible (including deep conscious rest); it is possible to maintain or return quickly and peacefully to an a-priori commitment to our Highest Civic Ideals — even as we confront each other, when necessary, in this particular brand of friendship, one hopes with both or all sides making a sincere effort to understand each other and meet the challenges of our own and our respective deficits in performance.

Reducing the number of diplomats in our respective countries, by the way, may be a questionable approach. A crisis might be just the time to double down on opportunities and efforts to increase communication and cooperation rather than reduce them.  Appropriate punishment, when deemed necessary to deter bad behavior, might better be focused on economic or other desirable interests without cutting down on diplomats, as some pundits have recently observed.

* * *

(For the complete set of Highest Civic Ideals and principles we propose for public adoption: Please see the Good Will Wisdom Documents Offered for All page at  * For an important discussion on the Universal Triple Threat™ of Murphy's Law, and why it is always best to understand and respect the pervasive potential for error: Please see our Product Warning document on the same page.) 

Comments: 2


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