Happy 4th of July Message to America & The World

Happy 4th of July Message to America & The World
Peter DuMont - Wed Jul 04, 2018 @ 02:36AM
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Hi Everyone,

In the spirit of universal citizenship co-existing with national citizenships, I'd like to reproduce below (with a few minor edits) one of several posts I made to KQED-FM Forum's comments section, on their 2018 July 3rd show (with star host Michael Krasny) about the American Flag: What's Your Relationship to the Red, White, and Blue?

On the whole I was proud of this show's public debate, despite some discomfort in parts.  Several callers as the hour progressed (in addition to distinguished guest Professor Todd Gitlin) spoke thoughtfully and passionately about how the flag's deeper meanings should not be lost amidst the tumult of our times; that the American Flag can, in fact, represent our nation's highest ideals and inspire Americans to project our best to all the citizens of the world. 

In many ways, the specific purpose of the STAR ALLIANCE flag (pictured on the home page at this site), is similar. One way of putting this is: 

Radiating Unity: The Happy Integration of Diversity!                   (Hi George!*)

America was (and is) the place that gave me and my buddy-co-founder Ernest Daniel Siravo (and in a sense all those who have helped this initiative over the years): The freedom to start an entirely new organization from the grass roots since 1985: To refine and project ideas, principles, and ideals of good will and responsible freedom; lasting peace and love around the world.  

Enjoy, and feel free and warmly invited to participate!  

Happy July 4th, World! 

Peter Bruce DuMont

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

To me. the American flag's stars (just as we were taught in school) stand for the fifty states, united. 

More broadly and implicitly, though: They stand for individuality and diversity successfully integrated — that is: United without losing themselves — into an orderly, harmonious whole.

The stripes stand for the original thirteen colonies-turned-states (Just as we were taught in school), and for me, too: The important sense of honoring sources: The founding states, unified.

In addition, as I think about it now: The parallel stripes can also stand for harmonious progress.  Because they, too, have a sense of multiple individualities, like the stars, but they are moving: Flowing in parallel directions like roads or rivers.  Most broadly and positively therefore: They can stand for genuine, harmonizing peace and love!

Finally: Stars, for me, in symbolic context, have come to stand first and foremost for Points of Value, StarPoints™ or pure virtues and ideals that can be shared by all.  And: The sense that each individual can be a Star Citizen (or Citizen Star) by trying his/her best to live up to all our Highest Civic Ideals — for America, for the world, for our common humanity. 

[Please reference the set of Declarations to this effect, offered for everyone, everywhere: at www.STARALLIANCE.org.]

* George Wooley, a fine graduate of Yale University, led founders DuMont and Siravo through a fun and meaningful exercise with the STAR ALLIANCE flag, newly designed in 1987.  George kept repeating the question (slowly and rather sternly, if the truth be known): What Is Star Alliance?  

It took quite a few repetitions, but finally he was satisfied with our answer, our energy and resolve as creative men, united for a cause, when we came up with: Radiating Unity!  The Happy Integration of Diversity!

Comments: 2


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