Acknowledging the Connections between Nature and People

Acknowledging the Connections between Nature and People
Peter DuMont - Mon Jul 30, 2018 @ 02:25PM
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The following thoughts and questions intended for everyone's reflection were first expressed in the Comments section of on 2018 July 30th, during the segment entitled:

Firefighters Battle 17 Major Blazes Across California

Thank you, Michael, for the invitation to share "...what's really in your heart."

With much humility and a sense of awe, I must express my thoughts that We, the People of the World, will be wise to start reflecting and taking into account the effects of our collective consciousness, actions, and attitudes — on a level of spirit as well as science — and perhaps consistent with science — In conjunction with what happens in Nature.

Who can say for sure if there is some unseen connection between leaders and peoples threatening violence, death, and destruction on one another; and the outbreak of wildfires? Which is more "wild," in the final analysis?

Why are nine nations continuing to cherish physical arms capable of destroying in fire and smoke not only each other, but (due to Nuclear Winter potentials) the rest of the world as well? Where is the level of discussion and action to de-escalate (and re-direct resources) that should be occurring — at the multiple levels that it must occur — both for preventing future violence and wars, and for reducing waste of all sorts and Climate Change?

Is it time for greater human empathy, sympathy, sensitivity, and solidarity; at every level of life and society: For the things that really matter?

Even though harsh for direct victims: Is there actually a level of kindness implicit in the warnings from Nature we are receiving?

Comments: 8


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