People-to-People Broadcast Communications to Save the World!

People-to-People Broadcast Communications to Save the World!
Peter DuMont - Tue Aug 07, 2018 @ 04:08PM
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[The following remarks were first posted at on 2018-8-7, in two separate comments, here combined.]

Norman Solomon is right on...I'm all in favor of this conversation, and the Open Letter [First published in "The Nation,"] is a good start.

Let's recall that People-to-People activism was instrumental in the surprising rapid dissolution of the Cold War — This included pioneering efforts from groups like Beyond War (now Foundation for Global Community), Women for A Peaceful Summit, Children as Teachers of Peace (and also Children as the Peacemakers), STAR ALLIANCE(.org), and what we called "Space Bridges" (televised exchange meetings with citizen participation) conducted by PBS, ABC News, and others.

We need more People-to-People activism again — particularly use of media exchanges. We can do these globally on a regular seasonal basis, four times a year, and keep it up.

This is not a job to be left to single leaders, and indeed, leaders need the support of their populations to make peace on their behalf.

The late, great Maharishi Mahesh Yogi used to say: "Progress is the basis of maintenance."

The exciting discussion that Russia, China, India, and all nations can and must be invited into (by the people, apparently!) is establishing true global democracy.

This will require dealing with the Elephants in the Room: 1) the lack of a reasonable override mechanism to the current, stifling (and dangerous) Security Council veto by only one nation; 2) the lack of a population-based organ in the United Nations.The latter is something that will probably require creative use of the Internet as a practical matter.

The People of the World need to assert themselves as the true source of authority for their collective global governance and safety.

Peter Bruce DuMont

Comments: 10


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