Celebrating the Remarkable, Historical Turn-About of 2017-2018 • And Encouraging an ongoing DPRK-USA Summit Process

Celebrating the Remarkable, Historical Turn-About of 2017-2018 • And Encouraging an ongoing DPRK-USA Summit Process
Peter Bruce DuMont - Mon Feb 25, 2019 @ 10:55PM
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I’m going to break a six-month “blogger fast” which I took, for better or for worse, since recalling the late, great “Star of Peace” award recipient: composer and maestro Leonard Bernstein.

On Oscar Week and ongoing: Let me join many others (if we are smart about it!) to wish President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jung Un of the DPRK (Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea) a successful summit meeting process in Hanoi, Vietnam [and beyond.]

[Post Hanoi summit note: And let us remember that for the wise, success may be measured not only in immediately apparent results, but in the quality, process, and progress of lasting relationships.]

Let us pause here to appreciate — with a degree of appropriate wonder — that this venue itself was agreed at all: a testament to the healing power of mutual respect and good will that is occurring at this important “moment” in human history.

To have the capital city of a former “enemy” of the United States serve as the literal ground: for a meeting intended toward peaceful progress for all — is a remarkable mutual statement.Congratulations to all involved! I believe it augurs well.

I was further inspired by the Oscar Awards ceremonies this year. It made me proud to be an American. With all our flaws, we have come a long, long way in even one lifetime, not to speak of the last 400 years, as cited by producer Spike Lee.It was truly great to see such an emotional and joyful display of excellence, achievement, and recognition among racially and culturally diverse sub-groups of one people.Hooray for Hollywood!May this powerful, positive trend continue and spread everywhere.

To complete a sort of triple-play here: Just before the Hanoi summit, I discovered the song Only Love.It is performed with passion and power by a youthful singer named Jordan Smith.I found myself playing it over and over again.It is a fitting inspiration towards peace in our times — though tragic that it's been so true when it says…

"Only love, only love can save us now

Keep the world from burning down, down, down

To the ground, ground, ground

Only love, can look inside a human heart

And see us for who we are

And who we are would be enough..."

Peace and love, at the deepest level, are really two aspects of the same thing.They are our only rational choice in the Nuclear Age.In the immortal 1946 words of Albert Einstein: The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything except our modes of thinking, and thus we [have drifted] toward unparalleled catastrophe.

I have put this quotation advisably in the past tense, because the abrupt turn-about in mutual attitudes between Mssrs. Trump and Kim which occurred in late 2017 does signal, I believe (although extreme danger certainly continues — really until everyone's remaining stockpiles of nuclear weapons are dismantled): a critical, historical turning point which will long be remembered.It was an unexpected and welcome change and relief when these leaders suddenly decided to save themselves and their nations — and perhaps set a trend for the whole world — by departing from the long, sad history of the scourge of war.

The enormous collective resources still spent on wars and preparations for war worldwide are desperately needed to provide for the basic needs of people everywhere who are not now meeting them.Desperate people do desperate things. If anyone's basic needs are not met, it is ultimately dangerous for everyone. By redirecting public resources toward better priorities, we will effectively eliminate many of the the root causes of war and violence.

With major resources freed up, we will also have realistic hope to save our global environment from collective calamity via Climate Change feedback loops.

* * *

Hearing Jordan Smith’s rendition of Only Love made me recall the remarkable process of writing to Chairman Kim over the fateful summer of 2017.

On the Fourth of July of that year, a certain citizen of Berkeley — Mr. Karl Mitchener, a PhD mathematician and friend — reminded me by telephone of what I already knew: his deep concern — shared by many experts — that a nuclear clash between North Korea and the United States was not only plausible at the time, but strongly possible, even dangerously likely.What a horrible thought, much less reality!

Most people don’t realize that only a very few big monster nuclear bombs — actually exploded over big cities — could snuff out the entire world through the fires and smoke that would spread out and shadow or even block the sun worldwide.

So it was: that on that special day, during that very conversation: I was able to overcome the significant inertia of my own multiple challenges, and — using the extra focus and voltage on the line with Karl — I began to compose what I knew had to be a major, difficult, unique, and pioneering undertaking.

Sure enough, it took at least twenty, serious sessions of composition and editing over the summer, crucially aided by Karl and several other friends and acquaintances — not to mention the consciousness and emotional support of key foundation advisors, neighbors, friends, and our STAR ALLIANCE Board of Directors, who patiently endured multiple advance editions in a sense imposed upon them during the creative process.

Finally, under the stimulus of 2017 September 11th — that powerfully symbolic anniversary (as Karl and I agreed) — I felt we had created a STAR ALLIANCE Policy Advisory that could be sent with confidence to Chairman Kim.I did so ℅ the Mission of the DPRK to the United Nations, with a copy and brief cover letter to President Trump.

Readers can view a slightly-polished edition of this major missive, as posted for the public record at: www.STARALLIANCE.org.

It was indeed Only Love — as defined by commitment to all the principles we declare — which achieved, apparently: a healing and inspiring resonance between the composing and the receiving ends.

The universal STAR ALLIANCE principles or Points of Value, declared for the common civic good — taken all together — make a good working definition of the duties of genuine, lasting peace and love.

Along with the Policy Advisory, the STAR ALLIANCE declared principles seem successfully to have stimulated a most remarkable, dramatic, and necessary change in the direction and quality of relationship between the leaders of these two Nuclear Powers, old and new.

The original catalytic influence was aided importantly, of course, by the fortuitous occasion of the Winter Olympic Games in Seoul which followed almost immediately.Thank goodness for the important invitation extended by the South Korean government at that amazingly opportune time! [Thanks also to the many others who undoubtedly contributed — with a special note to the Chinese, who certainly played a critical role, recalling Mr. Kim's trip to Beijing prior to the first summit in Singapore.]

Congratulations, Chairman Kim, President Trump, and all the other members and supporters of your respective teams: for the stunning, collective achievements and breakthroughs you are engaged in, in continuing friendship, we hope: for timeless STAR ALLIANCE ideals and principles!

Another fine song — recently re-recorded by John Batiste — says: Don’t Stop!

Indeed, let's all hope this process continues and succeeds apace!The particular results, as advertised, may well have to change.But every step of progress is important.The improvement in human relationship is of paramount importance.May your achievements in process as well as results be an inspiration to you and ALL the nuclear powers… ultimately to all people!

Collectively, we simply must get the Nuclear Genie back in the bottle while there is still time.

Murphy’s Law is always active, and we absolutely must respect it! As the law, coined by a United States Air Force safety engineer teaches us:

If something can go wrong, [then with enough time:] it will.

Accordingly, when it comes to Nuclear Weapons and the outrageous risks they carry: The only truly rational goal for any leader in a position to choose: is to work tirelessly toward eliminating them universally. 

The nine Nuclear Powers simply must find a way to conform to the Will of the Peoples of the United Nations — as expressed in the recent, historic 2017 July 7th Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. With some 70 signatory nations, it is arguably well on its way to full ratification under International Law.

The present Nuclear Powers can conform: not as slavish followers, but — if they are courageous and wise — in the role of leaders for all humanity.

We need you, dear leaders of ALL the Nuclear Powers!We, The Peoples of the World: need you to lead us: to be successful in this Great Endeavor — to create what John F. Kennedy predicted as a “grand and global alliance, North and South, East and West, that can assure a more fruitful life for all [human]kind!Let us start with nuclear safety and human values for all, which will also require a new era of True Global Democracy!

May we soon make — around our one, precious planet — a victory lap for “Stage One:” Declaring and Pledging our Highest Civic Ideals for Humanity.Let us plan and enjoy the first-ever STAR ALLIANCE ‘Round the World Flight for Peace!

Most sincerely yours in service to all people —

and in commitment to all our principles for peace:

our declared STAR ALLIANCE of Highest Civic Ideals for Humanity

Peter Bruce DuMont

Berkeley, California

Comments: 4


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