Good Will As Defense • A Vivid Brief Example

Good Will As Defense • A Vivid Brief Example
Peter Bruce DuMont - Sat May 11, 2019 @ 10:49PM
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Hi everyone.  I've been thinking lately of a particular, vivid image concerning conflict resolution and transformation, and meaning to share it publicly. Here it is: 

Imagine two men with guns on each other at close range. Each one could kill the other, or, they might both succeed with that tragic goal at the same time.  There's a stand-off.  Each one is at the ready, but neither one wants to risk the consequences of pulling the trigger.

There are two big differences between the two men in this predicament, however.  One is well fed, the other appears to be starving.  The one who is well fed has a table right next to him piled high with cellophane-wrapped, plump, fresh, scrumptious-looking sandwiches.  

Now my question for all us observers is:

Wouldn't it make sense for the well-fed man with extra sandwiches — without taking his eye off his opponent-in-weapons for a moment, or lowering his own weapon — carefully to reach over with his free hand, grab a couple of sandwiches, and hand them over to the man with the [reciprocal] gun on him?

This is what I call "Good Will as Defense."  I think such a policy should be adopted in international public circles as soon as possible, as vigorously as possible, and as widely as possible.

I hope the reason is obvious. And I would imagine the results will be just as predictable as they are in this example. It couldn't hurt, and it might help a whole lot.  Though the results may take some time to take hold, they will also be just as much a wonder to behold: a softening of fear and hard attitudes, a lowering of tensions and critical threats and dangers, a building of trust, and soon: a mutual lowering of weapons and huge increase in mutual safety.

Isn't this worth a try?

I rest my case.

At service to all our clearly-declared Highest Civic Ideals,

Peter Bruce DuMont

Comments: 1


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